Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bad Chicken! Bad Chicken!

Somewhere 30k feets above the ground on the Gulf Air punya flight.

makan time..

crew: chicken or beef? passenger: chicken. crew: here u go.. enjoy!

2mins later..

passenger: wut a bad chicken u gave to me!?!! crew: bad chicken? passenger: yes! have a look. how can i eat this thing!?!! crew: oh. 1sec, sir.

crew ambil ayam dari kaserol, dia angkat tinggi2, sambil tampar2 macam kita tampar orang.. sambil berkata,

crew: bad chicken! bad chicken! bad chicken! dan meletakkan elok2 kembali dalam kaserol. crew: well, i guess ur chicken’s behaved now.. (sambil berlalu)

(-_-') miahahahahaha...

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